Electric Bike in Health Effects

Electric Bike in Health Effects

The use of electric bicycles has shown to increase the amount of physical activity. Electric bicycle users in 7 European cities spend 10% more on energy per week than other cyclists because they take longer to travel by bicycle.


Electric bicycles can also provide a source of exercise for individuals who have difficulty exercising for a long time (for example, due to injury or overweight), because the bicycle allows the rider to take a short break from the pedals and provides the rider with confidence that they can complete the selected path, and They will not become too tired or forced their knee joints to be too hard (people who need to use knee joints do not wear them unnecessarily in some electric bicycles to adjust the motor assist level according to the terrain). A study by the University of Tennessee provides evidence that the energy consumption (EE) and oxygen consumption (VO2) of electric bicycles are 24% lower than traditional bicycles and 64% lower than walking. In addition, the study also pointed out that the difference between electric bicycles and bicycles is most obvious on uphill sections.


Some people claim that using electric bicycles has lost considerable weight. However, a recent prospective cohort study found that people who use electric bicycles have a higher BMI than people who use traditional bicycles. By reducing the problem of bicycle terrain, those who would not have considered riding a bicycle can use electric assistive tools as needed and pedal as much as possible. Electric bicycles can be a useful part of a cardiac rehabilitation program, because health professionals usually recommend stationary bicycles in the early stages of these programs. Exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation programs can reduce the deaths of coronary heart disease patients by approximately 27%.

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