Translation of spare parts for bicycles


Translation of spare parts for bicycles 

handlebars 车把

racing handlebars, drop handlebars 赛车车把
handlebar grips 车把把套
bell 车铃
hooter 喇叭
front brake 前闸
back brake 后闸
brake handle 闸把
brake shoe, brake rubber 闸皮
brake cable 闸线
saddle 车座
saddle springs 车座弹簧
saddlebag 工具包
carrier 行李架
lightweight frame 轻质车架
crossbar 大梁
gear lever, gear change 变速杆 (美作: gearshift)
front fork 前叉
dynamo 车尾灯
lamp bracket 车灯架
lamp, front light 车灯
rear light 尾灯
reflector 反光灯
ball bearing 滚珠轴承
front wheel 前轮
spoke 轮辐,车条
wing nut, butterfly nut 蝶型螺母
rim 车圈


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