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5.5 New Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter 5.5 New Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter
The carbon fiber scooter is lighter in weight and more convenient to carry. Suitable for people who want to use this scooter anytime, anywhere.
LEEM1542 Mountain Electric Bike LEEM1542 Mountain Electric Bike
Fat tires have better grip and stability under complex road conditions.Speed sensor, intelligent system, make cycling more efficient.
X SERIES Electric Scooter X SERIES Electric Scooter
The X series is made of magnesium alloys. As a new generation of scooters, equipped with better materials, accurate speed monitors. It's the best choice for young people.
Light Electric Scooter Light Electric Scooter
The 6.5inch electric scooter is compact and easy to carry. It’s very suitable for adults and children to go out to play together.
LEEF8130-X4 Electric Folding Bike LEEF8130-X4 Electric Folding Bike
Ningbo Lvkang 2018 new 20inch folding snow ebike for moutaion and beach
LEEW 1722 Electric City Bike LEEW 1722 Electric City Bike
Low frame, easy riding, a lady in a skirt can get in gracefully. Comfortable cushion based on human body features.
LEEF8720 Electric Folding Bike LEEF8720 Electric Folding Bike
Suspension front fork helps riders to bear forces during the ride, and it can relieve the stress on the rider's body.
Sport Electric Scooter Sport Electric Scooter
The sport series of electric scooters have a casual entertainment function. This scooter can be used as both a vehicle and a good tool for casual sports.
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